Milestone Provides HR Expertise to Support the Needs of Growing Non-Profit

The Milestone Team December 5, 2023

“Once we found Milestone, it really was a no-brainer. We were able to take care of our staff the way we really wanted to and make informed decisions overall.”  Kate Gahl, International Christian Concern – Director of Operations


ICC was growing, and with employees increasingly opting for remote work, they soon found themselves unable to cover all their HR needs while ensuring a satisfied and efficient workplace. 


ICC hired Milestone to be its outsourced HR team because of Milestone’s experience and dedication to its clients.  Receiving expert support, advice, and fractional services, ICC felt an impact immediately. 


Since hiring Milestone, ICC’s HR function has grown with the company and adapted to the complexities of the modern workplace. Passing the torch gave ICC peace of mind that their growing HR needs were handled with diligence and care while being cost-effective. 

Founded in 1995, International Christian Concern (ICC) has been a beacon of hope for Christians facing hardships worldwide. Working as a nonprofit, they seek to make the greatest impact they can while operating under a small budget. 

In recent years, ICC struggled to adapt to what the modern workplace requires. 

Kate Gahl, ICC’s Director of Operations, is an experienced leader with years of nonprofit work in her resume. She understands the unique challenges of running a nonprofit, especially from an HR perspective, so it was clear to her when ICC’s prior HR service was not getting the job done. She noted, “At ICC, we really care about our staff, but we didn’t know how that translated into human resources. It took some significant challenges to make us realize the benefits of having someone there with real skills and knowledge; we needed some help.”

Gahl and ICC initially looked at Milestone for their accounting team but quickly realized the greatest benefit would come from Milestones’ HR services. Gahl said, “ ICC was at a point where we could not continue as we had been, so I pulled the trigger and am so glad I did. I felt incredibly relieved. The support and advice we received from Milestone made an immediate impact and gave my staff the benefits they deserve. In addition to that, it has allowed me to focus on other aspects of the business as well.”

Milestones support, advice, and fractional services like payroll have allowed ICC to run its business with the confidence that its HR needs are being taken care of. 

Looking toward the future, Gahl believes that ICC’s relationship with Milestone will only deepen due largely to Milestone’s team of passionate and capable people who are always ready to help.

“It’s so rare to find someone who is at the top of their game, bringing real knowledge and expertise to the table. That’s what you have here at Milestone: a talented and dedicated team that understands what is necessary for a business like this to succeed. Milestone has allowed International Christian Concern to truly care about its staff in a way that we didn’t know we could before, and for that, I am very grateful.” – Kate Gahl

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Milestone Provides HR Expertise to Support the Needs of Growing Non-Profit

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