Strategic HR Initiatives

HR is so much more than compliance. Elevate your business with the right strategic initiatives.

Improve organizational performance by integrating your company strategy with your people. With strong HR initiatives, you can go beyond current state and focus on future high-impact opportunities.

Our Clients

Proud to partner with high growth businesses and nonprofits.


“Even though we have an in-house HR team, Milestone has been a great resource for us. They spearheaded a strategic project that we didn’t have time to work on and delivered outstanding results. They provided a thorough assessment and offered innovative suggestions along with a blueprint for implementation.”

Bill Carson Chief Operating Officer – Kinney Group, Inc.

“Milestone has been a great partner for our growing company. We initially engaged them to help us identify gaps in our HR infrastructure, but it quickly evolved into a recurring role for both Accounting and HR support. They help us think strategically about our back office functions and how to leverage them to help us achieve our goals as a company.”

Giselle Hale COO – Political Data, Inc.

“We use Milestone for both our HR and Accounting functions and they are incredible. They helped us build the infrastructure we were missing, but more importantly helped position us strategically to get to the next level. I would recommend Milestone to anyone looking to transform their back office functions into a competitive advantage.”

Chase Flashman Co-Founder & CEO – ShipSights

Our HR expertise, customized to fit your business needs.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is crucial for the success and productivity of your organization. We help you discover what is truly important to your team, and provide data-inspired solutions that make a real impact and increase employee engagement.

Talent Acquisition

Successful talent acquisition requires a cohesive strategy and detailed process. We review and refine your current process to ensure you are making the best possible first impression with candidates.

Compensation Strategy

Don’t make compensation decisions in the dark. We will help you design a strategy and structure processes to support your company’s goals.

Performance Management

Performance reviews should work for your business and your team. We assess your current program and help you implement a new one to ensure employees are getting feedback that allows them to be successful, and the company is getting accurate data to evaluate performance and make decisions.

Lifecycle Development

Develop your team and prepare them for success by investing in the total employee lifecycle. Every step, from the initial candidate experience all the way through an employee’s separation, is a competitive opportunity, and we will help you re-energize your approach.

Rewards & Recognition

A thoughtful approach to recognition makes your team feel valued, but deciding where to begin can be overwhelming. We will provide creative and customized solutions for your organization and your team.

We Utilize Best-in-Class Technology

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