Strategic HR Initiatives

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A strategic HR department does much more than administer benefits and coordinate hiring. It can actually improve organizational performance by integrating and aligning with business strategy and linking a company’s direction with its people.  It allows an organization to focus on the future state, not just the current scenario.  Milestone can work with your organization to develop comprehensive initiatives in a variety of high-impact areas. 



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Employee engagement is much more than a buzzword. It has a significant impact on the success and productivity of your organization. We can help you discover what is truly important to your team, as well as where you might be succeeding or failing in meeting your team’s needs.  Milestone will then provide data-inspired solutions that will make a real impact on your team and increase engagement.  



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Are performance reviews dreaded by employees and managers alike? We can assess your current program and recommend and implement changes to ensure managers have a program that meets their needs, and employees are receiving the feedback they need to be successful.



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Attracting the right talent can be difficult for any organization and lack of a cohesive strategy and detailed processes only makes it more difficult.  Let us review and refine your current process, ensuring you are making the best possible first impression with candidates.



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To successfully attract, retain, and develop your team, it’s important to pay attention to the full employee lifecycle. From the initial candidate experience all the way through an employee’s separation, employers have the opportunity to make each step a positive one and create an advantage in their industry.  Let us show you how we can re-energize your approach to the employee lifecycle.



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Does it feel like you are making your compensation decisions in the dark?  We can help you design an organizational compensation philosophy and strategy that supports your company’s goals, and structure processes to ensure policies are uniformly applied.  

Rewards &


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A thoughtful approach to rewards and recognition helps your team members feel valued, heard, and like an integral part of the organization.  But if you don’t currently have a program in place, deciding where to begin can be overwhelming. Let us come up with creative and customized solutions for your organization to show your team members just how important they are!

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I worked closely with Brenna as a member of our executive team and had the pleasure of watching her in action.  Her outstanding communication skills combined with an engaging style make her a natural as an HR leader.  When it comes to building a people-first culture, nobody does it better. 

Dave Johnson

Former President - inDinero