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People strategy is business strategy.

You can’t grow it alone.  For every goal, there’s a person who helps achieve it.  At Milestone, our motto is simple: Grow your people; grow your business. 

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“Jenny’s extensive knowledge in the total rewards space coupled with her thoughtful and strategic approach to solving problems made her an invaluable asset to our People Team. She was a highly trusted advisor who could always be counted on to deliver excellent advice and incredibly high quality work. I highly recommend Jenny Pearce for your next total rewards project.”

Kelly Lavin Chief People Officer – Niche

“We hired Milestone when our hospital was facing a Human Resources and confidence crisis. We were in need of HR direction and expertise to develop strategy in an effort to promote standards of work, best practice, and confidence within and outside the HR team. Variability in confidence levels had a negative effect on the entire organization, as the RHI team lost faith in the department. We were referred to the Milestone team, and while it was a difficult decision to bring in a fractional HR leader, it turned out to be the absolute perfect solution. They took the time to learn about our hospital, our leaders, and the HR team before doing anything. From there they built out a collaborative strategy that included everyone. Together the HR team regained confidence, and in turn, the entire organization regained confidence in the HR team. We now have a positive people strategy, and we are positioned for a great future.”

Dan Woloszyn CEO – Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana

How we can help

Total Rewards

Are your compensation and benefits practices based on a hunch or hard facts?

In any economy, compensation, benefits, and rewards practices can make or break your ability to attract and retain top talent. We’ll show you how to apply them consistently, competitively, and compliantly. 

Talent Acquisition

Are you a magnet for the best candidates?

Whether you’re hiring for now or forever, we’ll work with you to ensure you’re attracting and acquiring the right talent for the right role at the right time. From headcount planning to recruitment strategies to fractional talent acquisition, we’ll build a candidate experience and an employer brand that grows along with you.

Talent Retention

What’s worse than the sting of losing a top performer? 

We seek the root causes of low engagement and build strategies and programs designed to keep your team engaged, informed, and bought in. 

HR Assessments

Have a problem you can’t put your finger on? 

From hiring to firing, and everything in between, our business-minded HR professionals will evaluate, diagnose, and develop a roadmap to help you overcome any people process challenges you face.

Learning & Development

Does your team swim with or against the current? 

As your business grows, so should your people. We make learning and development practical, applicable and accessible.  

Company Culture & Engagement 

Are you considered a “Best Place to Work”? 

Strong company culture is a competitive advantage. Just ask Glassdoor. Let us help you attract, retain, and develop an engaged team that sings your praises from the rooftops. 

PEO Unbundling

Do you want more than you are getting from your PEO?

We’ll show you why unbundling may make sense for your bottom line and your people.

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