Who Is The Largest Payroll Company?

The Milestone Team January 5, 2023
Who is the largest payroll company

ADP is the largest payroll company, with one million customers and over 70,000 employees on LinkedIn. They are the market share leader of payroll service software specifically, with over 50 competitors in the space. Not all of ADP’s clients are customers of their payroll software. They also have many other services under the umbrella of HR. 

What Are The Top Payroll Companies? 

The top payroll company as far as quality is concerned is Rippling. Rippling’s employee interface is bar none. They are constantly ranked as a top performer on G2, Capterra, and other third party review websites. They have great additional offerings and can transform and automate benefits, payroll, and employee documentation. They make W-2s and I-9s easier for employees and small businesses. 

Other top payroll companies for small business include Gusto, Patriot, and Justworks. Justworks is most popular as a PEO. Although PEOs can sometimes be overused and are often not great fits for growing small businesses, Justworks is a good option. For the right businesses, they provide a strong solution to the payroll function. Gusto and Patriot are also highly functional and cheaper options that scale with businesses.   

What Are The Largest Payroll Companies? 

Who is the largest payroll company?

Both G2 and Capterra rank ADP as the largest payroll software company. Paylocity is second, owning the second largest market share. Other major brands include Paycom, Gusto, Paychex, Quickbooks, UKG, and Workday. 

How Many Different Payroll Companies Are There? 

There are around 50 different payroll software companies in the US. Each typically provides their own type of payroll services or HR services on top of that, whether it be through HRIS or otherwise. There is now a growing number of businesses that offer fractional payroll processing. These companies house experts who manage your payroll operations within and outside of the system. It’s hard to tally these companies, because data typically points toward the payroll software companies as “payroll” companies when doing research. 

What Is The Best Payroll Software For A Business? 

Our top recommendation is Rippling. Rippling is the best all-around platform. Rippling is pricier for small businesses, but the automation, simplicity, and user-experience is the best on the market. Their add-on services and management of employee documentation are unrivaled as well. 

What Payroll Functions Can Be Outsourced?

The entire processing of your payroll can be outsourced. These operations include, wage calculations (including commissions and time tracked), delivering pay, security measures, payroll taxes and tax registrations, tax withholdings, and payment method set-up. It can even include strategic projects such as picking a payroll software that best fits your business. 

What Are Some Online Payroll Services? 

Here is a list of 20 payroll software services: 

  1. ADP
  2. Gusto
  3. Rippling
  4. Justworks
  5. Patriot
  6. Paylocity
  7. Paychex Flex
  8. Paycom
  9. UKG
  10. Square Payroll
  11. Quickbooks
  12. Workday
  13. Ceridian Dayforce
  14. Zenefits
  15. OnPay
  16. iSolved
  17. Homebase
  18. SurePayroll
  19. Proliant
  20. Wrapbook

What Is The Cheapest Payroll Service?

The two best cheap payroll services are Gusto and Patriot. Gusto is great for growing small businesses, because it can effectively scale with small businesses and offers great add-ons beyond payroll. Their basic platform offers a lot of automation with ease and can dramatically help your payroll operations. It starts at $40/mo + $6/mo per person. 

Patriot payroll is great for an early stage business looking to improve automation and save time and money. They offer a limited basic payroll option at $17/mo + $4/mo per person. This covers the very basics of payroll and not taxes. It can be an effective option for a business with simple taxes who just want to offboard some time. 

However, their full-service payroll is only $37/mo + $4/mo per person. This low per person rate is great for a full-service payroll. Their features are strong and mobile friendly. Their add-ons and administration side isn’t as smooth, but the overall experience is strong for the price. 

What Are The Best Global Payroll Providers?

The three best global payroll providers are Rippling, ADP, and UKG. These companies have the bandwidth and experience of operating payroll systems around the world. These payroll systems make user design easy to translate across cultures. All of these platforms are built with the idea of global workforces in mind. 

How Milestone Can Help With Your Payroll Needs

Milestone is your home for outsourced payroll help. We take pride in running payroll effectively and without error. Our team of payroll professionals is well-versed in the common problems of entrepreneurs. Each of our clients get a dedicated payroll person to help solve their needs, but that payroll person also has the backing of a team to help overcome challenges. Save time and gain peace of mind by handing off payroll to a team you can trust. Reach out to Milestone today to get started. 

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