What Are the Functions of a Human Resource Manager?

The Milestone Team February 23, 2024
What are the functions of a human resource manager

Your human resources department works to support the rest of your business, and your HR managers are in charge of ensuring that specific HR functions are performing at their best. Outsourced HR for startups are services that provide access to HR managers as well as other HR needs for a fraction of the cost of maintaining and growing an in-house department. 

In this blog, we cover what is the role of HR in a startup company is and how fractional HR services can help.

What Are the 5 Importance of Human Resource Management?

The most important 5 functions of human resource management that every business needs covered are:

  • Talent Management: The importance of human resource management is that it assembles highly effective individuals to join your team. You need experts in sales, marketing, product development, customer support, IT, and more, and HR is the key to connecting with top talent. From recruiting to hiring for startups and onboarding to improving employee satisfaction, HR gets qualified people on your team and gives them compelling reasons to stay. 
  • Compensation Benefits: Salary, health insurance, vacation time, and other benefits are essential to attracting and keeping highly qualified team members. However, these benefits take a commitment from your budget. Fortunately, HR professionals have the know-how to balance labor market trends with your resources.
  • Training and Development: Professional development opportunities have two key benefits. First, employees who feel that their place of work is investing in them are more likely to stick around (according to reports from Harvard Business Review). Second, ongoing training equips your team with the tools and knowledge they need to help your business succeed in a competitive and ever-evolving market.
  • Compliance: Laws change quickly. Tax codes, labor laws, and more all affect the way you do business. Failing to fall within regulations can result in costly fines or delays to your processes. HR is dedicated to staying on top of compliance challenges and ensuring the rest of your business can operate smoothly.
  • Workplace Safety: Safety is important. Obviously, you want your employees to feel safe at work. In addition, workplace injuries cost an average of $42,000 (according to the National Safety Council). Your HR team can focus on creating safety guidelines and commuting them with your employees.

Your human resources make the rest of your business tick. Make sure they’re managed as effectively as possible. Get in touch with our team to see how yours can get to the next level.

What Are the 5 Basic Functions of Human Resource Management?

The five basic objectives and functions of human resource management are:

  • Talent acquisition and management
  • Total compensation package management
  • Ongoing training and professional development
  • Compliance with local, state, and federal laws
  • Safety and employee conduct policies

All these roles of human resource management combine for two major purposes: to assemble highly effective team members and enable them to perform for your organization at their highest potential.

What Are Human Resources Jobs?

Roles within human resources focus on completing essential back office tasks, like managing payroll and professional development initiatives. Common HR job titles include:

  • HR Manager: These professionals coordinate the efforts of your entire HR team and ensure their department is supporting your organizational goals.
  • HR Administrator: These professionals focus on a specific category of HR tasks, such as creating safety guidelines or compensation management.
  • HR Assistant: These professionals support HR administrators in their specific focus.
  • Recruiter: These professionals focus on reaching out to ideal candidates for open roles rather than waiting for applications to come in.

While all of these jobs are important for the operation of your business, funding them all can strain your budget. Fortunately, small businesses (and businesses of all sizes) have the option of partnering with a third-party HR services provider like Milestone. Get in touch with our experts to see which roles you need to be filled and how our team can help you.

What Are the Duties of a Human Resources Manager?

The goals of a human resource management employee are to ensure that your HR department’s efforts are aligned with your overall business goals. HR managers also work with your HR team members to provide everything they need to succeed. Some specific duties include:

  • Managing the staffing process, including conducting interviews
  • Develop training materials
  • Conduct performance reviews
  • Plot advancement tracks and compensation increases

Searching for an HR manager in a pinch? Milestone has you covered. Give us a call to power up your HR department.

What Tools Are Required for HR Management?

Like many functions in the modern business world, HR management needs software programs (often a lot of them) to succeed. From payroll software to working with job posting websites, your tech stack is bound to grow with your HR department. 

Part of managing HR is keeping the amount of different programs needed to a minimum. At Milestone, we’re prepared to do just that. Get in touch to see how you can create a more efficient business.

Supercharge Your HR Department with Milestone!

Whether you need assistance with a single project or need several key HR roles filled, Milestone is here to help. Our experts have experience with businesses across many industries and business stages. When partnering with us, you can expect:

  • Services tailored to your needs and goals
  • Transparent pricing
  • No long-term contracts

An all-star HR team is just a phone call away!

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