What are the best Human Resources Strategies?

The Milestone Team March 30, 2022

Why Do HR Strategies Lack Traction?

As the workplace dynamics shift, companies are realizing the need to put more focus on their people to remain competitive.  However, this comes at a time when many companies are struggling to implement effective Human Resources strategies.  Most business owners and executives understand the importance of HR, but struggle to actualize the power of a high-performing HR function in their business.  With that in mind, it’s not a surprise human resource professionals are feeling overworked, understaffed, and technology saturated. They feel  pressure from all levels within the business to support initiatives and keep up with the changing demands of the marketplace – not to mention the shifts in employment law.  It’s no wonder human resources leaders are leaving their roles at higher and higher rates from burnout and a lack of feeling successful.

Forbes released its “Top 10 issues facing HR leaders” and it’s easy to see why HR professionals are feeling overworked.  Today’s HR leader is often asked to take on a number of important organizational initiatives like developing DE&I strategies and programs, identifying ways to attract talent, keeping people engaged, developing talent for current and future needs, and transforming the work environment to meet the needs of the growing footprint of remote and hybrid workplaces. On top of everything else they have to do, like hiring, onboarding, training, performance management, and employee relations, it’s easy to see why most HR leaders feel overwhelmed. 

What can be done to fix HR Effectiveness?   

First, breathe. Recognize you need help. Then, call Milestone.

The HR department is going through a transformation.  The human resources function as it exists today is not sustainable and can’t be fixed with more training. If we are being honest with ourselves, it hasn’t been successful in a while. 

The HR department of the future will need to leverage both in-house and fractional talent to help the company achieve its business goals.  It’s likely the existing HR department can’t do it alone.  Many of the initiatives that are needed will require subject matter expertise, an extra set of hands, or best-in-class technology applications to succeed.   Progressive companies will embrace this approach and will utilize a combination of resources to help the business win and grow.  

At Milestone, we believe the HR function can create a competitive advantage for your company when you combine an experienced fractional team with an inspired internal team. Milestone has assembled a team of industry veterans, thought leaders, and skilled professionals to help our clients think strategically about HR and create the workforce of the future.  

Our Strategic HR Services team members have extensive experience and a proven track record of success.  We work with C-suite leaders to understand challenges and define business goals. Whether you are looking to develop a more effective talent acquisition strategy, revamp your total rewards program, or improve overall team and organizational effectiveness, Milestone is here to help. 

Our team is your team, and our model is simple: You get decades of executive-level leadership at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource. 

Our ultimate mission is to share with our clients what we have seen work – enabling the C-suite and our peer HR professionals  to grow and create long-term success.  We are a coach, mentor, advisor, and an extra set of hands helping you navigate the workplace. 

That’s what we do at Milestone and it’s the roadmap for the future.

If you want to learn more about how to build the HR team of the future, click here for more information.

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